We give intensive workshops working towards a studio presentation or performance, in which we make use of methods we developed. Combining set choreography, instant composition and Improvisation to give the dancers the possibility to make own choices during the performance.

>>Dance in its essence is human and should be discovered by everyone.

Dance in its essence is an expression of freedom and should be available for everyone.

Dance in its essence is a ritual that celebrates life by allowing any kind of agreement or disagreement to exist.

Dance in its essence is breath and inner rhythm.

Dance in its essence is your body singing its own voice.

Dance in its essence is inclusive by all means – Dance should not judge - never be judged,

Dance should not exclude - never be exclusive. <<

In this inclusive practice, we offer a training that brings out the necessity of movement. The tools of professional dancers/ choreographers Vincent Verburg and Dayna Martinez Morales gives the mover possibilities to explore authenticity by a structured but open approach towards the essence of dance.  The assignments put the mover in state to find inner movement necessity and gives tools to develop a true sense of self by exploring different qualities and forms of moving.  A physical and mental training where the body is central and starting point of movement. A form- and style-transcending approach which is open to all dance-disciplines and suitable for all levels.